Simple steps with you in mind!

Step 1: Investigation

Our web designer will meet with you one-on-one to discuss your business. We learn about your existing brand and current marketing efforts. We talk about your competition and their web presence, identify your resources, define your target audience, and any other elements that will help us begin building your website.

Step 2: Photography & Content

During the initial meeting, you will discuss with your designer the images you want on your website. The designer will take photographs, if needed.  We can also work with your existing images if they meet web standards. The designer will also gather your site content: the “words” you want to convey on your site.


Step 3: Initial Design

The initial design stage typically involves moving the information obtained in the investigation stage further into reality. The site structure will be created. This visual representation will be available for you to view. Upon completion of the design phase, the website should more or less have taken shape.

Finish & Launch

After your review of the initial design, the designer completes the site and submits it to the client for a final evaluation. Any final tweaks are made then the site is launched. If you have elected the SEO Report Service, you will begin to receive reports on the traffic to your website.

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