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Do you own a boutique? If so, we can help you launch your business online. Contact Doddweb.net to learn more.

All About You

Doddweb.net’s website designers will spend the time to get to know you and your business goals.  We use a collaborative approach to designing our customer’s websites.  You, the business owner are part of the team.

You know your business and the image you want to project online.  We spend the time necessary to learn what you love, hate, what your competitors are doing and how you want to stand out amoung the crowd. 


Develop Your Brand

Your brand goes further than just picking a cohesive style of products to sell. Your brand is everything you do, from the colors and fonts you use on your website, to the types of content you post on social media.

Branding is involved—but also a lot of fun! Doddweb.net can help. 

Put It all Together

You can have the best branding, and the most cohesive, well curated online boutique in the world—but if your products aren’t given their chance to shine, you’ll end up shortchanged.

What do these images have in common?

Well photographed product images speak for themselves.

Take full advantage of social media to promote your store.

With a monthly SEO Report, you can learn your visitor habits.

Create Your Own Style

We recommend updating your online store often. Share new arrivals to your store, share visuals that you feel encapsulate your brand aesthetic, and ultimately reach new customers.

Starting your online store might seem like a lot of work but the key is to take it in stride. With the right plan of action, you’ll have your dream online storefront open in no time. 

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 Develop your brand.

Create your online store.

Engage with customers.

Become a success!